AEROSPACE FINANCE CORPORATION provides direct financing as well as general advisory services to airlines customers who require the financial benefits which flow from, and the comfort of receiving independent advise in the following areas:

through our strong banking and guarantor market capital base we are able
to provide innovative and competitively priced financing structures for
equipment buyers, airlines and manufacturers who wish to promote or sponsor a sale of their equipment

Our services and products are available to all qualifying customers, but the core of our mandated work falls into the following areas:

  • In the Commercial Airline area
  • In the Corporate or Government borrower area
  • Financing for Manufacturer promoted sales

Assisting airlines in their negotiations for the acquisition of new aircraft from competing manufacturers, including engine manufacturers in order to secure the most beneficial deal taking into account, inter alia, such issues as price, credit memos, specification, slide and switch rights

Advising on and managing the entire process of the tender (including documentation) for airlines who have determined a policy to sell and leaseback individual or multiple aircraft, with the objective or obtaining the most attractive overall transaction with the optimum sales price/ rental ratio

Advising airlines on negotiations for the inwards lease of aircraft and the disposal of aircraft either by way of straight sale, lease out or structured
lease and subsequent sale of the package

Advising airlines on the restructuring of existing operating leases on
equipment which no longer forms part of the operator's schedules and plans, so as to minimize the penalties, which may be incurred from their lessor

Reviewing the benefits of lease extensions at reduced rates, or restructuring finance leases so as to take rental benefit through lower cost of funds, increased balloons and stretched amortization periods